"For poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the hungry."

- Mary Oliver

Nina Heyen

Accidental poet | Creative Soul | Visionkeeper

Nina Heyen Poet

I started to write poetry one day. Just like that.

Words simply began to flow from my heart into that little notebook in front of me.
Words I wish someone had told me, in those times when life was difficult and I lost my way. Words that connected me back to my soul.

It soon became clear that those words were not only meant for me. They were meant to be shared, to inspire and lift up others in need of remembering who they are. This is how it began...

...and it changed everything. 
I finally found what I had been looking for for so long. A coming home; the seemingly disparate pieces of the puzzle of my life finally falling into place. It suddenly all made sense. I found my calling. It was that simple.

With my poetry I invite you to walk with me. Let my words be a companion on your journey of life. Let me ease your path a little bit and help you find that which your heart is longing for. Because my poems don't really belong to me. They belong to you. They belong to the people who find comfort and courage in them, whose hearts resonate with their message ... So if that is you, these words are for you...

by Nina Heyen

Come, walk with me a little while,
I'd like to tell a tale
of long forgotten treasures
and unicorns for sale.

Come, sit with me a little while,
let me share a trick or two
that I learned along the way
and pass it on to you.

Come, lie with me a little while,
in fields of luscious green.
With heart wide open, eyes at rest
you'll learn again to dream
of fairy tales, and pots of gold
beneath a rainbow high,
and you will know that dreams are real
there, in your heart they lie.

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I'd be delighted if you'd walk with me for a while...
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