Poetry Cards

Free poetry cards to print, share & enjoy!

Free poetry cards to print & share

Every week you will find a free 3x4 inch printable poetry card on the blog.
Print, share, enjoy!

What to do with them:

  • put your favorite poems on your fridge or bathroom mirror
  • use the cards in your scrapbooking or project life
  • use them as journal cards
  • you can easily frame them with a 5x7 piece of decorative paper as a matte
  • they also make cute little bookmarks

Share Them!

These little cards are meant for sharing, be it with friends, family or total strangers. Know someone who could need a little boost? Send them a hug in form of a card to brighten their day

  • attach the pdf file the next time you email someone
  • Include a card in thank-you notes, birthday greetings, happy mail or the next letter to your pen pal
  • use them as lunckbox notes
  • sneak one into the pocket of a loved one
  • use them as gift tags or little note cards


Feel a little adventurous? Share poetry with strangers! Wouldn't it be nice to find some inspiration when you don't expect it? From someone you don't even know? Simply leave a card for someone to find:

  • at a doctor’s waiting room, a bus stop, a table at a cafe, in a book you return to your local library, etc.
  • put cards under the windshield wipers of cars parked next to you - poetry instead of a ticket...
  • tape them to the stall doors of public bathrooms, it definitely beats the stuff you usually find there

Terms of Use:

You can print out these poetry cards as many times as you want, both for your own personal use and also to give away as a gift to friends and family.
Please note that these downloads are provided for personal use only - do not sell them, neither the digital version, printed copies or products made from either.

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